PouchNation Uses Social Media Engagement Strategy in Promoting

PouchNation Uses Social Media Engagement Strategy in Promoting

AriefRaamadhan.comSocial Media Engagement is very important because it can increase ticket sales. If tickets sales increase, then the events held can be regarded as a successful event. There are several ways to increase ticket sales for an event or music concert such as:

  1. Adjust the ticket price of the event.

To determine the price of ticket, then you can determine the amount of expenditure of the event and amount of profit to be earned.

  1. Get around things

You as an organizer can put yourself as a prospective buyer of tickets, so you can find out whether the ticket price is expensive or not. If it is too expensive, so you can lower the price of the ticket. Besides that, you also can offer a better place with a parking facility and also other facilities.

  1. Do a promo about the event

Try to put little budget for promotions such as promoting in social media, email, or digital advertising.  You can monitor your event ticket sales cycle with using Social Media Engagement strategy.

PouchNation is a sophisticated system that can help an event organizer to held event. As mentioned earlier that to be able to organize a successful event then you need promotion either through pamphlet, advertisement or also using social media.

PouchNation proved prospective buyers or audiences for link that should be filled with the code placed on the NFC bracelet. Other benefit of social media is PouchNation will take picture when the event took place and the PouchNation will upload it on social media owned by PouchNation. It can be a tool to promote PouchNation as a professional event organizer in organizing events.

The ticket bracelet can make the audience feel secure because the audience can buy anything in the events such buy foods and drinks in the events by used cashless payment.

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